How It Works

What I can do for you

I can design you a logo that is simple and unique and I look forward to seeing it become as meaningful to your customers as it is to you.  For now, I want to work closely with you, to truly understand your business, why and for whom it exists. This way I can create the logo you’ll feel good about putting all over your products, your website, your office and your email signature. Here’s a list of deliverables I offer.

What I will not do for you

I will not use clipart or pre-made artwork. I will not copy someone else’s logo that you like and adapt it to your business. I will not promise you a logo within a week (a project usually takes at least 3 weeks). I will not force you to choose from the concepts I present (we will work together until we get it right). I cannot work with a whole bunch of other people putting in their 2-cents worth (if the design needs to be approved by a committee, we need to discuss this first).

How it works

The process usually goes like this. You email me with a brief overview of your business and what you need. I then send you a design questionnaire where you tell me as much as you can about your service – your purpose, target clients, competition– your project budget and other details. There is no commitment yet on both sides until we agree on a price, you sign an agreement and send me a deposit. I’ll  then get to work, we email back and forth as necessary, until we end up with a design you and I are both satisfied with. So, if you want me to work with you, do email me at grace(at) graceoris(dot)com.


“…it’s rare to find exceptional artistic talent that is so open to other’s ideas AND patient with multiple changes. I think you have the unique combination that is required for design excellence and customer satisfaction.”

– Pallav Sharda, Plexogenic & Surreal Earth

“…very diligent in gaining a clear understanding of our company needs. She applied her creative magic, limitless energy and professional work ethic to help us achieve our branding goals. The experience was both enlightening and fun… exceeding all expectations every step of the way.”

– Lisa Chuma, Inspirational Woman Magazine


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